You’re On My List

Welcome to Toshon‘s List!  Here you will get unique insights from the mouths of emerging leaders. You will also get a bunch of stuff from my mind.  Soon enough, employers will be stopping by to see if you’re on my list.  You’ll be sending potential clients here to read the interview I did with you that time so that they can get a peek into your brain.  Before dates you’ll be visiting my page to find something interesting to talk about. This is where all the people who “get it” will come; you do get it, don’t you?

If you’d like to have an interview posted in Conversations: Catch Up…  on Toshon’s List, send me an email telling me why at  Stay updated on who is being interviewed about what by following me on Twitter @Toshon &  FB @ Get an edge & make it easier for people to get to know you if you want to be known; on Toshon’s List, you’re in good company.


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