My Favorite (StockTwits) Blogs This Week

1. The Altucher Confidential

This is pretty much my favorite blog of all-time, but to avoid being very redundant, I will not add this one to every list.  You’ll not find lots of advice about stocks picks; you won’t get a bunch of CNBC-echo here.  What you will get are solid doses of reality from a man who may well be insane; if he is, though, he’ll make you ask yourself why it is that you’ve been assuming you’re sane. I recommended starting out with: Life Tastes Best When You Eat What You Kill;”  &, even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, you’ll probably end up appreciating 33 Unusual Tips to Being a Better Writerfor 1 reason or another.

2.The Reformed Broker   

This is a smart blog that is also human.  Since I do my own studying, I am not looking to have my hand held. I want to read blogs that can help me to become a better trader just because the authors are fairly intentional about becoming better traders themselves. I have learned that trading is much more about the way one thinks & lives, & less about being able to echo all of the noise. I discovered Josh Brown on Twitter (his tweets are among the more relevant ones I get).  Plus, he just drops random units of knowledge about things I would never research on my own, probably (like the brief bio he tweeted about Peter Gabriel, which was pretty interesting, I promise you).

3. Howard Lindzon   

Because, if you’re gonna be on StockTwits, you might as well see what the CEO is talking about.

Bonus: I also found this gem today called, I am a Trader.” It’s the 1st time I’ve read Joey Fundora’s blog, but reading this entry is what prompted me to make this list.