JOO-ment, -n.: A beast of burden.

If your employers treat you like juments, feel free to trample them to death in stampedes.



JIM-krak -noun: A cheap, showy object of little to no use or value.

Whatever that gimcrack is in the pipe she’s smoking that’s made from a Bic pen & a baby food jar, it’s starting to make her look like a meth whore. 


Uh-RIDGE-uh-nul, -noun: the point at which something comes into existence

Original is to zero as first is to one. (No clever sentence here, but being a mathematician, I like to point out that original & first are functionally different ideas.)


uh-SKANS’ -adverb: 1. With disapproval or distrust 2. With a sideways glance.

I looked at my screen askance when I read her confusing note filled with her abuse of their & there; they’re was nowhere to be found, & I was not surprised.


in-SIP-id, -adj.: 1. Lacking flavor or zest; not tasty. 2. Lacking qualities that excite, stimulate, or interest.

If I don’t figure out a way to make this section less insipid, no one will come here (unless they’re just wordnerds).


yoo-BIK-wuh-tus -adj.: Being or seeming to be everywhere, or in all places, at the same time; omnipresent.


ruh-FRAK-tuh-ree, -adjective: 1. Resistant to authority or control; obstinate.  2. Difficult to melt or work.  -noun, plural “-ies”:   1. A material that has a high melting point.