07.25 Notes to Self

NFLX broke down, BIDU shot up.  My AAPL & POT are still growing (let your winners run). I jumped into PCLN on a 5-minute & made $5 on a couple thousand shares; up a bit on a pick from Shadow Trader (I don’t think it’s going to fill that gap, though; if it doesn’t gap up, I’m out). I think AAPL is going to keep running.

@TraderFlorida knows what the hell he’s talking about (when it comes to trading).

James Altucher said he’d do a quick Q&A for the blog–well, just 1 Q, but I’ll take it!

Watching CF for an a.m. short if I can get a good entry; not sure if I like the risk on such a high stop (over $162.25). Probably worth it. Or not. I’m probably in.

Why haven’t I bought any silver or gold yet?