On Opening Doors

I don’t know why I still get into these conversations.  I like the spread of information, & I do not like the spread of misinformation. So, I guess that’s why I still get into these conversations.

I don’t recall when I stopped just ignoring Jehovah’s Witnesses when they rang my bell. I think it may have been out of personal guilt, at first, with the idea that I’d want someone to open the door for me; but I’ve since come to believe that it’s an occupational hazard.  The mailman shouldn’t care whether you actually collect your mail or not; it’s just his job to bring it to your door. If you go no further, it’s no skin off his back.

A few weeks ago, I responded to 2 female Witnesses. We discussed the nature of “God’s Word” & logic. I argued that the creation story in Genesis says that Earth produced vegetation before our sun was created (on “the 4th day”), & that such a statement was a “flat-earth” belief, attempting to make the point that we have verified our trajectory around our sun, & that the sun & stars do not revolve around this planet. I did not argue about the ages of our planet, sun, & moon because I could think of no way to prove it at the time. I was encouraged to “look past that for now” so that I would not stop myself from getting whatever benefits were to be had from reading God’s Word.  That would be like finding an insect in my appetizer & being willing to stay for dinner. If I can’t get past page 1 without a fatal contradiction, how could I possibly generate enough “faith” to proceed on this path?

After they left, 2 more came to my door shortly after; I engaged them with this argument, also. Although I was convinced that there was no argument for my logic (either it does or does not describe a plausible scenario, irrelevant of its truth; if it does not, however, it cannot be true).  I was presented by several “apparent” scenarios that would explain away this problem, but since none of them made any logical sense to me, I am unable to repeat the arguments with any confidence that I’m doing so correctly.

On a couple subsequent visits, I continued to open the door. I did not mind the dialogue, & I was willing to move onto a new subject in an effort to ensure my objectivity.  They have since stopped coming. I am wondering how long I wanted it to go on, or if I was wasting my time. I don’t feel sad about it or anything, but assuming that a waste of time is a bad thing, I am wondering how long I should keep opening my door.