Go Public!

When companies are looking to raise capital & expand, they will often have an initial public offering (IPO <example here>).  Without drawing out this analogy with all the benefits & disadvantages of such a decision, suffice it say that if you have something of value to offer over an extended period of time, this can be a very good move.

I have read many articles encouraging people to expand their web presence; my publicist chewed me out last week due to my under-exposure, & rightfully so (hence, this blog, for instance).  For the individual, “going public” means presenting as many opportunities as possible for people to invest time in you.  There are people on Twitter who could probably raise several thousand dollars at a time by offering a service or product to the people that they are exposed to, namely because of all the free help they provide on a daily basis.  There are people in every line of business presenting free information, entertainment, etc. that anyone can have access to, & their public appreciates this; that appreciation can work the same way a dollar can. When your money appreciates, it increases in value; when you are appreciated, you will increase in value.

Twitter, Facebook, & the rest can be fun ways of passing time, but if your accounts are unable to collect enough interest, they will not do you much good. Think about it–do your friends just come to you now & put money in your pocket for being sarcastic, cynical, & ridiculous all day? Do they pay you a dollar every time they read what you had for lunch, where you’re going, or whatever other random thing comes into your mind to tell the world? Probably not. Even if you are one of the more interesting more in your circle, you may be like a savings account that accrues more interest than with other banks, but still a relatively low amount of interest compared to all of your options (as with other more rewarding opportunities, however, the risk normally increases–but that is a topic for another post).


Breaking News!

I just got word from the Associated Press app on my iPhone that Amy Winehouse was found dead! Except, by that time, it was already the #1 trending topic on Twitter.

Distribution of news as we know it is dead (as if you didn’t already know).

My Favorite (StockTwits) Blogs This Week

1. The Altucher Confidential

This is pretty much my favorite blog of all-time, but to avoid being very redundant, I will not add this one to every list.  You’ll not find lots of advice about stocks picks; you won’t get a bunch of CNBC-echo here.  What you will get are solid doses of reality from a man who may well be insane; if he is, though, he’ll make you ask yourself why it is that you’ve been assuming you’re sane. I recommended starting out with: Life Tastes Best When You Eat What You Kill;”  &, even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, you’ll probably end up appreciating 33 Unusual Tips to Being a Better Writerfor 1 reason or another.

2.The Reformed Broker   

This is a smart blog that is also human.  Since I do my own studying, I am not looking to have my hand held. I want to read blogs that can help me to become a better trader just because the authors are fairly intentional about becoming better traders themselves. I have learned that trading is much more about the way one thinks & lives, & less about being able to echo all of the noise. I discovered Josh Brown on Twitter (his tweets are among the more relevant ones I get).  Plus, he just drops random units of knowledge about things I would never research on my own, probably (like the brief bio he tweeted about Peter Gabriel, which was pretty interesting, I promise you).

3. Howard Lindzon   

Because, if you’re gonna be on StockTwits, you might as well see what the CEO is talking about.

Bonus: I also found this gem today called, I am a Trader.” It’s the 1st time I’ve read Joey Fundora’s blog, but reading this entry is what prompted me to make this list.