“I don’t give a f*ck about street credibility!”

You may have heard me when I visited the Star & Buc Wild Morning Show a couple weeks back to discuss ways that we would begin contributing to his Start Snitching campaign.  It has gotten some traction over the past few weeks, & I’ve felt even better about voicing my support after reading the reports & interviews following Star’s announcement (links found below).

I’m hoping that Philly backs Star on this campaign; he’s not even a Philly native (#imjustsayin). I’ve already seen Russell Simmons voice support on a few different occasions; something like this needs support at all levels, & the foundation of any successful social activity is the People.  While I am familiar with the reasons behind the birth of the “Stop Snitching” credo, circumstances have since declared such a position highly unreasonable.  It is not uncommon for children to end up the victims of this behavior happening between apparent adults. Since that is the case, I have to question the thinking ability of anyone who refuses to at least reconsider this stance, at least as it relates to murder & other violent crimes (I’d suggest drawing the line in one’s own mind).

The press release & some other articles can be found here, here, & here (if you want more, consult Google).  Star was also present with Mayor Nutter for the I Pledge Philly launch; Philadelphia Weekly gets into both.


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