Resource Exchange Program

House of Ladies & Gentlemen is organizing an ongoing resource exchange program in Philadelphia.  Different sites will be set up at buildings citywide where donations can be made. Donations may include any product or service, including school supplies, books, clothing, food, health or legal services, & tutoring or other forms of mentoring.  We will seek the participation of as many community institutions as possible, including schools, non-profits, local businesses, & religious organizations.

If you or your organization wants to participate in this project as a donor or service site (say, a drop-off location for clothes or school supplies), please email me at If you have a request for an item or service, send a message to the same address.  If the requested product/service is available within this network, we will do our best to connect you. Confidentiality will be respected, & we’ll keep you updated on participating providers.


One Comment on “Resource Exchange Program”

  1. Christiana says:

    Wow, we think a lot alike! Loving this!!

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